Everyone has a debit card. Everyone has a credit card. These and other financial tools are vital to navigating the modern world, where cash can often be an inconvenience. We should be asking ourselves, however, whether the cards we carry are earning the rewards that we actually want to redeem.

Every bank will rave about the features of their programs, but the truth is that beneficial rewards, especially on debit cards, are where Scotiabank hits the mark. “We want our customers to take a look at what they’ve got in their wallet and make sure they are getting the best value possible from it,” says Mike Henry, Scotiabank’s Executive Vice President, Retail Payments, Deposits & Unsecured Lending. “We want to help our customers get ahead financially, enjoy the richness in their lives and become better off. We believe that Canadians should be rewarded by the financial products that they have.”

The rewards packages offered at Scotiabank run the full gamut from cash back programs to travel rewards to entertainment, grocery, and automotive rewards.

“We’re proud to have more reward options than any other financial institution in Canada,” says Henry. “We understand that different people want different things, and so we offer a variety of rewards to help meet everyone’s needs and ultimately help our customers become better off.”

What has your debit card done for you lately?

Full disclosure, I’m a Scotiabank customer and I’ve been using my SCENE Debit Card to see several free movies a year for the better part of a decade. “SCENE is incredibly popular,” acknowledges Henry. “The beauty of SCENE is how fast it is to earn points and get value from the program.”

Of course, our priorities change as we move through our lives, and it’s invaluable to have a bank that can keep up with your shifting financial needs. As a father of two, saving up for a down payment on a home is more top of mind for me now than is seeing the latest Star Wars film. I took the opportunity to ask Henry about how someone in my position could adjust their financial tools to better suit their needs. “If you’re saving for a large purchase like a home,” he says, “then our Momentum Cash Back products are among the most valuable in the industry, since you get a percentage back on every purchase and earn rewards no matter which choice of payment you use. Our Momentum Savings Account goes even further by paying customers bonus interest for saving longer.”

It all comes down to choice, and to knowing that there are not only reward options suited to every Canadian, but also professionals eager to help you find which ones are best for you. “There’s a lot more to determining best value than just looking at traditional things like rates and fees,” says Henry. “We’ve got advisors in our branches across the country whose sole purpose is to sit down with customers and figure out how best to help them.”

The cards in your wallet should not be simply payment tools. They should be opportunities to realize your financial goals, whatever they may be.