Mediaplanet: Being an athlete who travels the world year-round to compete, how have reward programs affected your travel habits?

Vasek Pospisil: Reward programs have been great…especially for professional tennis players, who travel nearly 10 months a year.  I am always trying to keep the same routine, fly on the same airlines, and try to get as many Aeroplan miles as possible.

MP: Do you use rewards programs for things other than travel? If so, which and how do you choose to use them?

VP: Not at the moment, but that may change soon!

MP: With such early success in your career, what advice would you give to aspiring Canadians looking to one day gain the same success?

VP: The important thing I would say is to work extremely hard…and every day try to improve.  I still have this mentality as I want to continue to get better — I love what I do for a living, but the success I have had only motivates me even further.

MP: What did you do to prepare for the Canada Davis Cup, both mentally and physically?

VP: I was in in Halifax training with the Canadian Davis Cup team, preparing for the week’s matches.  After the US Open I flew to Florida to rest mentally and take a little break.  After the Davis Cup I fly to China for three tournaments.  I start in Shenzhen, and then travel to Beijing and Shanghai for a couple of big events.

MP: How does travelling such far distances affect your training and preparation for big matches?

VP: I have gotten use to flying now…it is part of my job!  I think it is important to get to new time zones as early as possible to prepare and get used to the new condition. That is very important for my success.

MP: As far as you know, do your fellow athletes partake in rewards programs to enhance their travel? If no, do you encourage them to join?

VP: Yes, as far as I know most athletes are doing this. It is a good way to get upgrades and free flights.  I don’t want to encourage too many to join as it is important my status stays above theirs!

MP: What makes you loyal to specific programs? Do you find it beneficial to stay with one or try out several types?

VP: I do think it makes sense to stick to a specific program, unless financially it is simply not viable to do so.   For me though it has made a lot of sense, I fly over 120,000 miles every year.

MP: How has travel changed since your initial success? Did rewards make more of an impact before you were    successful?

VP: My travel hasn’t changed too much actually. Now that I have accumulated more miles, it certainly will help moving forward.

MP: Do your family and friends come see you play on the road?

VP: Yes, they actually came to Halifax to see me play, which was great!  My family loves coming to the Davis Cup, it is a great atmosphere to watch tennis and there is no other feeling like representing your country. 

MP: Have you ever donated miles?

VP: I have not donated miles as of yet, but as I accumulate more with my hectic schedule, I will certainly be doing that!