Filling up your gas tank isn’t usually a task people enjoy, but with Petro-Canada’s re-launched Petro-Points program it’s a little easier to save money while filling your tank.

After presenting a Petro-Points card at the counter of a Petro-Canada station a customer in Victoria, BC was told that because he had accumulated 39,000 points on the card, he could have $39 worth of gas or store items for free. The man was taken aback.“ He had this look of amazement on his face and after a brief pause said ‘You’re kidding!’ It was like a light went on and he realized the value of his loyalty and how rewarding it was,” recalls the retailer. “Needless to say, he went on his way with a smile on his face.”

Collect Points Faster

One of the most notable changes to the Petro-Points program is in fuel purchases. In the past, members collected between 5 and 10 points per litre depending on the kind of fuel they bought. Now, however, they collect 10 points per litre on all fuel purchases.

Members also have the ability to redeem rewards sooner in the new program since the number of points required to redeem rewards has been reduced in many cases. Previously members needed 12,000 points to get a reward card granting them a 5 cent per litre savings on fuel and now that reward is just 10,000 points.

The program is also much simpler to understand. Members no longer have to figure out what the best value is; 10,000 points is worth $10 in every case! Want to buy someone a gift card at Petro-Canada? That’s just 10,000 points for a $10 gift card, where in the past, the number of points needed varied.

Petro-Canada retailers couldn’t be happier. Victoria isn’t the only place where they are giving the program a thumbs-up. “It’s excellent and the guests love it,” said a London, Ontario retailer. “I called one of my sites earlier this week and they had redeemed $400 value in points in one day — something they would never have done before!”

Customers seek simplicity and value in points programs

Petro-Canada conducted research and held panels to determine how to provide its customers with added value in the loyalty program. “We heard loud and clear that our customers want a program that's easy to understand, simple and intuitive and, most of all, a program that gives great value for their Petro-Points,” Deborah Gullaher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Suncor said when the program was introduced. “The changes have been made based on what we've heard from loyal customers.”

The revamped program has hit the spot with consumers. Since it was launched in January, loyalty program members have been using their points cards more than ever before. In fact, the number of active members has reached an all-time high.

Members are redeeming more points than at any time in the past and more members are redeeming for the first time. (This doesn’t take into consideration special promotional periods in the past).

“We want to help our members save on fuel and we feel this program will go a long way in doing that,” explained Gullaher.