Like many Canadians, you look to the Internet for credible, helpful medical information. Companies have responded by launching innovative online tools offering you practical health tips, relevant education, payment assistance programs with savings on prescriptions and rewarding you for embracing healthy habits.

These initiatives are designed to work with medication you may be taking. It’s a fresh approach to wellness that suits the current societal shift in attitude to holistic wellness — a philosophy that takes your whole body into consideration instead of a narrow focus on a single ailment to achieve the best overall health.

"Along with expert advice and credible information, readers can discover nutritious recipes."

Your personal online health guide

Pharmaceutical companies leading the way with these innovative online resources, such as Pfizer Canada, have created comprehensive new websites, offering health-related tools designed to inspire, support and educate patients.

These sites feature a wealth of practical articles devoted to diverse topics like managing high blood pressure, recognizing physical symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reducing stress. Along with expert advice and credible information, readers can discover nutritious recipes.

Allen Van Der Wee from Pfizer Canada has noted that Canadians are increasingly turning online to help them make health care decisions. Research demonstrates people are more motivated to lead a healthier life when they can access programs that support these decisions.  He emphasizes that Pfizer is committed to providing Canadians with the tools they need to reach their personal health goals, whatever those may be.

Reaching health goals and reaping rewards

To help patients attain their health goals, programs like Pfizer Strive offer rewards for those who successfully make positive lifestyle changes. After a quick online registration, they can set goals to improve their health, such as losing weight or getting more exercise. Once achieved, points are earned that can be redeemed for wellness-enhancing items, from low-fat cookbooks to exercise equipment.

As Van Der Wee points out, we make a lot of choices every day that affect our health. This educational platform has been created to help Canadians make the right ones and empower them.

Once consumers gain greater knowledge and have the right tools, they can chart their own path to improved wellness.

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