Our favorite stores seem to know exactly what we want, and how to keep us coming back for points, coupons or other incentives. A few emerging loyalty programs are taking that relationship a very meaningful step further.

They synch not just with our shopping preferences but total lifestyle; encouraging involvement in social change, wellness or the environment. This gets to the core of someone’s belief system, and it’s a powerful thing when grocery, pharmacy, airline and other transactions in daily life all support what we value most.

A few emerging loyalty programs now synch not just with our shopping preferences, but total lifestyle; encouraging involvement in social change, wellness or the environment.

Sustain engagement

For example, AIR MILES for Social Change has been using the power and reach of the AIR MILES Reward Program to encourage us all to conserve energy, protect the planet and be healthy. In 2010, through a partnership with the Ontario Power Authority, Ontarians were rewarded for pledging to conserve energy and the program drove an increase of 5 times the participation rates of the previous year.

RecycleBank picks up recycling for customers in the US and Canada, then weighs the trash and awards points to the collector’s account. Points are redeemable for coupons for specific products and stores. Members can also track their environmental footprints on the RecycleBank website.

Nurture relationships

Wellness is a growing loyalty field, with programs like Virgin HealthMiles partnering with companies to pay employees for managing their health. Last year, AIR MILES for Social Change partnered with the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF) — one of the largest charities in Canada — to reward Canadians with AIR MILES reward miles for participating in a number of programs, including their healthy living mobile app. The app was a means for HSF to empower Canadians with information and support to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke and in 2012, users were offered 25 reward miles for downloading the app and completing set-up. The HSF saw over 9,200 downloads of the app in a four-week period; this was 13 times higher than before.

Daily nods

Health, recycling and green initiatives make the world a better place, but small accomplishments like flossing and brushing every day make you a better person. DailyFeats.com was formed to support and reward everyday initiatives like drinking orange juice or reading to a child, for which members earn points for coupons to restaurants and stores in the US and Canada.

Today, loyalty isn’t just about shopping; it’s about causes we all believe in and want to support. Finally, we can earn rewards for doing something that helps us and the planet become healthier and happier.