Sign up to a coalition rewards program and watch your points earning power increase exponentially.

Tired of feeling restricted by your reward points program? Fed-up by the lack of flexibility that your current programs offer, by the fact that you have to carry five different points cards in your wallet and watch on as your points earnings creep up at a painfully slow rate?

Well, it’s time to make a change and throw away the standalone rewards cards that offer you meagre returns.

Coalition loyalty programs making life easier

“A coalition loyalty program is one in which you have a variety of options to earn and redeem loyalty points,” says Blair Cameron, Senior Vice President, Client Services, AIR MILES Reward Program. “In a standalone program, it’s like you are handcuffed to one place. To shop, to get points and redeem them. Choice is limited and the program isn’t flexible.”

“A coalition loyalty program is one in which you have a variety of options to earn and redeem loyalty points.”

Life is complicated enough, and having to juggle multiple rewards cards at the same time as trying to navigate the family through a peaceful day out is just another unwanted hassle. “It comes down to the fact that life isn’t simple,” says Cameron. “Do you know anyone who shops at one store alone?”

As well as making it easier to collect points, being signed up to a coalition program means that you have much more variety when it comes to the fun part — spending your rewards. “With AIR MILES, you can use your miles to go on a trip to nearly anywhere in the world, get your next bag of groceries for free, download an album or an app from iTunes and even attend a special dinner with a celebrity chef,” Cameron says.

Speed up your points earnings

There is little doubt that being part of a coalition rewards program — where you can earn points when buying a huge variety of products — helps you to earn points quicker than ever before.

“If you are maximizing use of the program’s partners, shopping in the coalition for as much as possible in your life, then points do accumulate quickly,” says Cameron. “On top of that, using a credit card associated with that coalition program will help you get rewarded even more with every purchase.”

Convenience, value and no hassle — these are the three things that we look for when we’re shopping, whether we’re rewards aware or not. Well, now coalition rewards programs are delivering those key aspects to points collection, and you get one more positive: choice. “Collectors can choose to have a portion, or all of, future reward miles earned build up a balance to be either redeemed in-store or online,” says Cameron.