From cloud forests to surfing waves, Nicaragua has it all

During the fall months, the pacific coast of Nicaragua is ripe for surfers of all levels, and San Juan del Sur may just be your dream destination if you’re looking for a surfer’s haven. The waves off the Pacific coast are challenging enough for the most seasoned surfer, but gentle enough for a beginner. If you’re not sure you want to spend all day surfing, you can also shop in the downtown core or go on a yoga retreat!

If surfing on water doesn’t interest you, try volcano boarding at Cerro Negro volcano by Leon, where you slide down the ashy side of a volcano on a board.

The hidden paradise of Ometepe Island isn’t to be missed. Located in the centre of the Lake of Nicaragua, you’ll relax on volcanic stone beaches and explore the lush island. You can do a half-day hike up Concepción Volcano, or trek to the San Ramón waterfall.

If you enjoy your coffee, northern Nicaragua is for you. Selva Negra is the perfect combination of coffee plantation and eco lodge. Located in Matagalpa, the heart of coffee country, Selva Negra offers overnight accommodations on a functional coffee estate.

For the adventure seeker look no further than New Zealand

As North America is preparing for winter, New Zealand is thawing. However, if you want a head start on your ski and snowboard season, many resorts stay open into October. Mt. Mutt, about half an hour from Methvan, is predicted to stay open until mid October. The resort boasts one of the longest vertical drops on the South Island — but don’t be intimidated, the runs are suitable for participants of all skill levels.

The temperatures in New Zealand throughout September, October, and November are particularly variable, so be sure to pack rain gear and a range of clothing to layer for warmth. The spring temperatures in Christchurch bring blossoms, bluebells, daffodils, and lots of lambs.

A trip to Rotorua to try the Zorb Zydro ride is a must when in New Zealand. You’ll climb into a Zorb globe, water will be added and you’ll be rolled down one of the designated tracks! Think human hamster ball. However, the Zydro ride isn’t the only reason to visit Rotorua — in parks and reserves around the city, you’ll experience the natural beauty of geysers and hot springs — some may even occasionally sprout in new locations.

Wine drinking and cycling through France

Many vacationers head to  Europe in the summer months, but savvy travelers plan their trip to the south of France in the fall, when temperatures are still warm. In Côtes du Rhône, the autumn months present many opportunities to experience this wine region. With festivals ranging across the fall months, you’re bound to satisfy your curiosity at Rhône Valley wines in one of the world’s   first wine producing regions. Beaujolais Nouveau Day, a national festival that kicks off on the third Thursday in November each year, is one of these events. The festivities celebrate the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, the first wine of the season.

While in the south of France plan to visit the Provence region. You can relax on the beach or take a cooking class and learn how to make traditional French dishes. Provence is also known for cycling. Guided or not, cycling through the region in the fall is a great way to experience the landscape. For the adventurous, some tour operators offer multi-day excursions for cycling with varying skill levels. If you want to experience a little of Le Tour de France, cycle up Mont Ventoux, a leg of the world-renowned race.

Find a relaxing paradise in Tahiti

Tahiti is on the same side of the international dateline as North America, and is in the same time zone as Hawaii. When staying on this island paradise it is essential to book a room at one of the luxury resorts, where your sleeping quarters are suspended above the water and the soothing lagoon sounds will lull you into a relaxing sleep.

Be sure to explore the sea.  Tahiti is known for its beautiful water and is an ideal setting to try SCUBA diving or snorkeling. The islands are equipped for divers and snorkelers of any skill level and you can expect to have clear water,  see  sunken ships, bright coral, and exotic marine life, including — but not limited to — manta rays, dolphins, whales, and sharks. If underwater exploration isn’t appealing, there are alternative ways to see whales.

Visiting Tahiti between August and October means you’ll be there in the prime humpback whale-watching season. Humpback whales come to Polynesian waters at this time to mate and give birth before they make  the    return   to   the   South Pole .  Be  sure to  go on a whale-watching tour.