Ingrid Jarrett
President of the British Columbia Hotel Association

Who doesn’t love exploring a new city or town, whether overseas or in a previously unexplored part of Canada. The carefree atmosphere, the adventure of spending the night away from home, and the beauty of exploring new scenery are all things we enjoy when staying in a hotel.

Think about your last hotel stay — the friendly hello as you walked through the door, not having to worry about making the bed, doing the dishes or laundry, and family fun with your kids splashing around in the pool.

You probably felt relaxed, re-energized — like there wasn’t a care in the world.

Whether the visit was for business or pleasure, your mind was likely at ease knowing everything was taken care of. And, as a hotelier, I can assure you it was our pleasure.

Escape and explore

Known as Canada’s playground, British Columbia really does have it all.

Nowhere else can you surf the coast of a temperate rainforest, ski or snowboard in three mountain ranges, or enjoy a glass of Okanagan wine while playing some of the best golf courses in North America.

British Columbia offers excitement, luxury, adventure, and unmatched natural beauty.

Hotels offer us a glimpse into the heart of a neighbourhood and a community’s history.

Supporting our province's economy

In British Columbia, hotels took root in the late 19th century when a division of CP Rail established resorts from coast to coast connecting Canadians for the first time through the Trans-Canadian railway.

Since that time, hotels have invested heavily in the province. Last year alone B.C. hoteliers made $3.7 billion in capital expenditures. Across Canada they contributed more than $17 billion in revenues across all three levels of government.

Our hotels aren’t only open for business, they also open their doors to new opportunities.

Entry-level student positions become long-lasting careers and, with British Columbia becoming an increasingly popular destination for both Canadian and international travellers alike, this thriving industry is forecasted to have over 18,000 jobs openings by 2020.

Comfort with character

Buildings may hold history, but you can never know the true story of a town without talking to the locals. Hotel employees are neighbourhood advocates — ambassadors eager to showcase all their region and property has to offer — in fact, I think they are one of the best kept secrets of B.C. tourism.

In British Columbia, 58,000 people currently work in the accommodation industry and our province is proud to encourage career development by offering employees more incentives than anywhere else in Canada.

It’s easy to tell when someone loves what they do, and hoteliers love every minute.

So the next time you need to get away, whether for business or a vacation with the family, think about how it feels to stay in a hotel.

Think about the comfortable atmosphere, the cheery welcome when you walk through the door, the pampering of luxury room service and an army of housekeepers ready to make your stay memorable.

In the hotel industry there is no such thing as a stranger — we look forward to welcoming you as our guests.