When you go on a family vacation planning and logistics are key.  Everyone has their own wants and needs, whether it’s Grandpa’s insistence that he play 18 holes on the local golf course, or your teenagers’ life or death trip to the local skate park. But, it needn’t be a nightmare, in fact it can be what all vacations should be: Fun.

“You can use miles and points for almost all parts of a family vacation, including to help keep everyone entertained and happy.”

Collecting and redeeming reward points can help the dream vacation become a reality. Points can be redeemed on all sorts of events and activities, allowing you to relax knowing that the whole family will be happy.

“You can use miles and points for almost all parts of a family vacation, including to help keep everyone entertained and happy,” explained Summer Hull, Founder and Lead Writer at Mommypoints.com. “We like to use points to ensure we have a hotel room, or rooms large enough for everyone to have enough space to stay happy.”

Fun activities

As well as helping to provide the practical solutions that keep the whole family happy and stress-free, points can be redeemed on activities that give your vacation that spark of excitement. “You can use your points for things such as theme park tickets,” said Hull. “For example, you can use American Express Membership Reward points for tickets to Universal Studios or SeaWorld or use your Aeroplan miles for Disney World passes.”

Don’t get lured in by cashback offers that quickly expire or rewards tied to unreasonable spending limits.

Mother, Grandmother and avid reward points collector, Bonita Galliers, says that collecting loyalty and reward points has increased the enjoyment of her big family vacations immeasurably.

“I used to get anxious in the lead up to our family vacations,” she said. “Grandparents, parents, kids and even cousins: It’s such a big group to keep happy and entertained, and I felt like it was my responsibility. I think that I went on quite a few vacations that I didn’t even enjoy, and that’s not right!”

Planning ahead

Collecting points has helped Galliers to change the dynamic of her family’s vacations. She’s now able to ask each member what their most desired activity or day out is, and then work out if any of the points that the family has collected can be redeemed where they’re travelling.

“It’s much better this way because people have an idea of the activities that they’re going to be doing before we travel,” said Galliers. “So, sometimes we split into different groups for the day to do different things, one group may go to the water park and the others may go to the historical sites to take in some culture.”

Targeting specific events and planning ahead has given Galliers more peace of mind, and her large family loves their vacations more than ever. “We spend time as a family before the vacation thinking about what we’re going to do and it really increases the excitement levels,” she said. “Last year, my granddaughter, Sally, got to have a singing workshop with a professional, which was amazing; and my husband, Grandpa John, was able to fulfill one of his lifetime dreams by driving an F1 car around a racetrack.”