Mediaplanet: What makes the British Columbian summer unique from any other place that you’ve visited?

Alexander Ludwig: I feel extremely fortunate to have grown up in one of the most beautiful places in the world — British Columbia. I come from a very active family, so it wouldn’t have been unusual for us to ski, golf, hike, and swim — all in one day.  I think that this is one of BC’s most uniquely special attributes: the great outdoors literally surrounds you. It is almost impossible not to lead a healthy lifestyle.  This is one thing I truly miss when I am not at home.

MP: You’ve traveled the world for television and film roles — do you subscribe to any travel
rewards programs?

AL: Of course! I love getting free tickets! I subscribe to Aeroplan, British Airways, WestJet, and Alaska Airlines… to name just a few.

“I think that this is one of BC’s most uniquely special attributes: the great outdoors literally surrounds you.”

MP: How did Vancouver’s rich arts culture impact your career and inspire you to become an actor?

AL: I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t grown up in a creatively inspiring city like Vancouver. My parents exposed me to live music, theatre and film. We spent a great deal of time as a family exploring the diverse culture around the city like Chinatown, Little Italy, Granville Island, and Gastown. I feel lucky to have been given the freedom to explore my creativity and I am grateful to have grown up in such an amazing place.

MP: Give us a taste of your perfect day off-set in Vancouver.

AL: My perfect day (not working) in Vancouver would include waterskiing, cliff jumping, skiing, and the Grouse Grind. As you can see I’m definitely an adrenaline junkie.

MP: Are there any destinations in Canada that you are eager to visit for the first time?

AL: There are so many places in Canada I would love to explore — I’m not even sure where to begin. I would definitely like to explore the Maritimes because I’ve heard they are so incredibly beautiful. I’d also love to return to the Rockies as I spent some time there as a child, and I’ve heard that both the skiing and hiking are amazing.